Our Team

Together we can create a better future for you & your family.
Our experienced and expert team will guide and advise you along your journey through all types of investment opportunities.
Jason BellroseCEO

The team at Bellrose Group analyze & formulate the best bespoke plans and strategies that fit any type of client. We elevate the traditional investment techniques and services & accompany them with accurate and up-to-date analytics and outstanding client relation and support.

Highly Skilled
Extensive Knowledge
Years of Experience
Friendly & Honest

Our Team

We have built a very experienced and knowledgeable team over the years and we are extremely proud of everyone who is involved in our framework here at Bellrose Group. Our core team is listed below.
Jason Bellrose

Chief Executive Officer

William Fisher

Head of International Trading

Jonathan Weller

Head of Private Client Division

Christopher Wells

Head of Institutional Trading

Richard Maxwell

Head of Asset Management

Joseph Keller

Head of Allocations

Jack Westhorpe

VP of International Trading

Harry Butler

Senior Portfolio Manager

Kieran Martins

Senior Portfolio Manager

Harrison Wright

Senior Wealth Manager

Mark Jameson

Senior Wealth Manager

Edward Baker

Senior Asset Manager

Jordan Graham

Senior Asset Manager

Tony Walters

Senior Asset Manager

Adam Ramsay

Senior Asset Manager

Marcus Price

Senior Asset Manager